short AND sweet shortbread

This classic buttery shortbread recipe is the very same one that my mom has been making every Christmas since I was a little girl, but shortbread is not just for Christmas any more! Baby showers, wedding favours, adult tea parties… you name the occasion, I’ll bake the cookies!

Seasonal for Christmas

short NOT sweet savoury bites

Packed with so much cheesy flavour, I am confident that these are the BEST savoury shortbread you’ll ever taste. And if you think a savoury cookie is a bit odd… you’re not alone! That’s why I’ve made them in these bite sized, easy to pop in your mouth shape.

Parmesan Lemon – The least spicy of the bunch, this one is amazing with a light summer beer or glass or wine. Packed with 30 month aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, a little lemon zest and black pepper, these are a favourite.

Cheddar Chili – Crushed red chili give this one the heat that sneaks up on you. Made with Imperial Cheddar and an extra old cheddar, this is my most popular savoury.



If you’d like to carry these in your brew pub, distillery or café send me a message at shortandsweetcookie@gmail.com